Published: Fri, March 22, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Obama's March Madness Bracket Has A UNC-Duke Final

Obama's March Madness Bracket Has A UNC-Duke Final

"The 6" 7', 285 pound man-child holds the rare distinction of being the ACC Rookie of the Year, Player of the Year, conference tournament MVP and First Team All-American.

All in all, 15 of the 29 analysts are picking Duke to win the national title.

Tennessee ranks third in offensive efficiency and shares the ball to the point that it's almost impossible to key in on one player.

I watched one Murray State game after seeing a sweet Instagram video of Ja Morant taking off for a dunk in slow motion and as he elevated the rest of his team did also causing them all to land at the same time, I repeat in slow motion, that sent me falling to the floor like an old person with vertigo due to the sheer artistry that I didn't think a dunk video could possess.

Gonzaga is the top seed but I don't see them advancing to the Final Four. Throughout the season, some have called this the best Gonzaga team Few has ever put on the court in his 20 years heading up the program, so it'll be interesting to keep an eye on the Bulldogs throughout the tournament. However, by being at Butler, Stevens had an advantage that not many coaches have any more, the ability to coach the same players for multiple years because he was at a smaller school.

Canada extends Iraq and Ukraine military missions to 2021 and 2022
Canada is a leader in the global community's support for the people of Ukraine, the statement says. The troops, who first went to Ukraine in 2015, are due out at the end of March.

It's finally here. The madness has begun, and the first round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament is off and running. No matter how much thought, research and preparation goes into filling out the flawless bracket, nearly everyone's bracket will be busted by the conclusion of the tournament's first weekend.

My answer is to look for the teams that have the best combination of both. Gonzaga. Guess who doesn't start a single freshman? 2nd seed Kentucky is one, as well as 4th seeded Kansas.

UNC and the Wildcats are very similar when you look at them.

For those, making the argument that being from mid-major conference hurts their case, I will bring up the fact that they beat Duke early in the season. If you want to challenge me I have created a group on ESPN's tournament challenge titled "Atascadero News". It happens every year, and the second after it does, you think to yourself: "Wow, I could have seen that".

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