Published: Fri, March 22, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Epic Games CEO isn't anxious about Apex Legends overtaking Fortnite

Epic Games CEO isn't anxious about Apex Legends overtaking Fortnite

Traditionally, these titles have been PlayStation exclusives but that is changing this year, as Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are all coming to PC. Epic won't receive any revenue share from the sales of those games purchased through Humble Store, the company said.

Your journey in The Outer Worlds will see you explore the corporate colony of Halcyon.

Behold the real reason publishers and devs bring their games to the Epic Store: money.

Notable developers who have committed to launching their upcoming PC games as Epic Games Store exclusives (at least initially) include Remedy Entertainment (Control), Obsidian Entertainment (The Outer Worlds), and Heart Machine (Solar Ash).

During yesterday's "State of Unreal" keynote at the Game Developers Conference 2019, Epic Games showcased a gorgeous ray tracing demo titled "Troll".

Epic, Humble Store partner for game sales, including exclusives

Apex Legends, the latest battle royale game to hit the scene, has been able to grow to a community of over 50 million players since it launched on February 4, but has Epic Games felt the impact?

The Epic Games Store has also running promotions to encourage growth of its userbase, releasing a free game every two weeks or so in an effort to draw in users.

Epic also announced that Ubisoft will place several titles in the Epic Store.

There are additional parameters that Epic Games wishes to integrate into its Store, and sooner rather than later. The PC gaming userbase near unanimously disagrees with Epic's exclusivity buy ups.

Facebook Drops Targeting Options for Ads Following Dispute
The changes to Facebook's advertising methods - which generate most of the company's enormous profits - are unprecedented. Facebook has announced it will push limits against discriminatory ad targeting.

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