Published: Thu, March 21, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Alternative Medicine Obsessive Caught Injecting Fruit Juice Into Her Veins

Alternative Medicine Obsessive Caught Injecting Fruit Juice Into Her Veins

As a result, she was admitted to the Affiliated Hospital of Xiangnan University's intensive care unit for five days.

After injecting herself with the juice, she felt itchy and her temperature rose.

She blended some 20 different fruits and used an IV to introduce the mixture into her bloodstream.

The woman, identified only as Zeng, was said to be following a folk remedy to improve her health.

She could have died from organ failure, the newspaper reported. Others were sympathetic, with one user writing: "Luckily her husband knows better".

Woman nearly dies after injecting fruit juices into veins

The 51-year-old's blood was cleaned of the juice using dialysis and doctors prescribed her antibiotics as well as injecting her blood with clotting agents.

After five days of emergency treatment, Zeng's condition improved and was transferred to a kidney unit on the morning of February 27. According to some claims, she first pretended to have a cold, asked a doctor for an infusion and then switched the original fluid for her fruit juice.

Reports by South China Morning Post state that the 51-year-old woman thought that fresh fruits were nutritious and it would do no harm to her. Zeng is into "unconventional health treatments", and this seems to be one of the more unusual ones she made a decision to follow.

Dr Liu had warned members of the public not to follow any health practices that lack scientific basis, saying such injections would cause liver and kidney damage and could lead to death.

But it's not just people in China experimenting with weird health "cures". "I admire her courage as well as her intelligence!"

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