Published: Tue, March 19, 2019
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Speaker throws wrench in Theresa May’s Brexit strategy

Speaker throws wrench in Theresa May’s Brexit strategy

He said that this was merely a judgement and not a final ruling, but the conclusion creates a problem for Mrs May who had hoped that the threat of a significant Brexit delay would be enough to persuade MPs to back the same deal if it was brought back for another vote. "This is the in the context of negotiation with others outside the United Kingdom".

The ruling caused uproar on the government side of the House of Commons. May off guard. Solicitor-General Robert Buckland said the government may have to end the parliamentary session, known as prorogation, in order to reintroduce the deal.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned time was running out, saying: "I will fight until the last minute of the time to March 29 for an orderly exit".

"What the Speaker has said in his ruling is there needs to be something that is different".

Last week the Prime Minister lost a vote on her deal by a majority of 149.

Citing precedents dating back to 1604, Mr. Bercow said the government could not submit the same motion to Parliament.

"What the government can not legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition or substantially the same proposition ad that which was week was rejected".

Downing Street will continue to use all its powers of persuasion to win backing for Mrs May's deal from MPs, with a particular focus on the Democratic Unionist Party, whose stance is expected to be influential on wavering Tories.

Another senior diplomat said the leaders could decide to skip any final call on any extension of the divorce negotiating time - long or short - unless there is a third vote in the United Kingdom by Thursday.

British PM warns of possibly indefinite delay to Brexit

The EU is intensely frustrated with Britain's political paralysis, and says it will only grant an extension if United Kingdom politicians break their deadlock and come up with new proposals.

Talks between the government and the DUP are aimed at reassuring the party that Britain could not be trapped in the backstop indefinitely.

"I think the one thing everyone would agree on is involving Her Majesty in any of the issues around Brexit is not the way forward so I don't see that as a realistic option", he said.

British Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, a leading Brexit campaigner, on January 23, 2019.

"No deal is better than a bad deal, but a bad deal is better than remaining in the European Union", he told LBC radio.

With no divorce agreement yet ratified, the United Kingdom parliament voted last week for May to seek a delay of the exit date.

The PM is now having to contemplate asking European Union leaders on Thursday for a much longer delay, of potentially nine months or more - pushing the date of Brexit well beyond 29 March. "We haven't got a lot of time for that".

If it isn't, she will have to seek a longer extension that would mean Britain participating in May 23-26 elections for the European Parliament - something the government is keen to avoid.

Ten days before the March 29 exit date that May set, and two days before a crucial EU summit, she was on Tuesday writing to European Council President Donald Tusk to ask for a delay, her spokesman said. "While we previously thought a short extension was likely, we have changed our minds and now expect a long extension (60% likely versus 30% probability of a short extension)".

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