Published: Tue, March 19, 2019
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Fisker relaunches Tesla rivalry with $40k electric car

Fisker relaunches Tesla rivalry with $40k electric car

Electric automaker Fisker plans to take on its old rival Tesla with a battery-driven SUV priced starting at US$40,000, it said mid-March.

A year ago, Henrik Fisker unveiled plans for a $129,000 electric luxury auto, but the group said that vehicle launch will be pushed back until after the lower-priced SUV.

Fisker says the new model is a "futuristic, elegant muscular EV".

The luxurious SUV is the first in an upcoming line-up of three affordable all-electric vehicles created by renowned American automotive industry designer, Henrik Fisker.

The Fisker EMotion luxury sedan EV.
The Fisker EMotion luxury sedan EV. Fisker

The sculpted SUV will be offered with all-wheel drive with two electric motors, one in the front and one at the rear.

Specs for the vehicle has yet to be divulged in full but a few details have been released which includes a grille-mounted radar and up to 22-inch allow wheels. Fisker Inc is now finalising the selection of a facility, located in the U.S., to produce the all-electric SUV. The dashboard will get a sizable head-up display, along with "a unique, intuitive user interface that will control some of the latest emerging in-vehicle technologies".

Fisker, which made its announcement in a press release with images of the new vehicle, said a drivable prototype would be available later this year. At the push of a button, Fisker says its crossover will give its passengers "an extended open-air atmosphere" available without compromising safety, implying that the vehicle will have many windows or slimmer-than-normal roof pillars.

Like Tesla, the company is skipping the traditional dealership model for a direct-to-consumer approach, handled via a type of concierge service. The company will begin accepting early deposits closer to the start of production. After the EMotion sedan, the SUV will be the second ambitious product from Henrik's newly formed company called the Fisker Inc. Fisker anticipates charging times dropping to just minutes. Power will be supplied by a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of approximately 80 kWh. Instead, it will arrive after the more affordable model.

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