Published: Mon, March 18, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Death toll rises to 50 in New Zealand mosque massacre

Death toll rises to 50 in New Zealand mosque massacre

"She is the Prime Minister of New Zealand, but they felt she was there with them and that nobody else mattered", Sarah Ahmed, a local who was present at the college, told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Photographs may not help all, the faces of some of the victims are completely ruined (by the shooting) so they can't be identified like this and more needs to be done", she said.

Ardern noted that attempts to reform had failed before under pressure from the gun lobby. In New Zealand, the crisis support service Lifeline can be reached on 0800 543 354. It has been a weapon of choice for mass killers around the world. "I never thought I'd see that in this country", Britton said.

At a news conference Sunday, the prime minister reiterated her promise that there will be changes to the country's gun laws.

Tipple said he supported Ardern's call for gun law reforms as the Christchurch shootings had raised legitimate concerns. They had a review and that review recommended much stronger laws, including a ban on these military weapons, including the registration of all guns.

Ms Ardern also said there would be a review of security agencies' actions after the shooting.

"Through all of this we try to remember that what we are bringing back to this tragedy, this horror, is a sense of compassion", Rehanna Ali, coordinator of women's affairs' at the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, told a news conference.

Facebook in a series of tweets, posted by the official Facebook Newsroom account had earlier said that they quickly removed the livestream from the shooter's Facebook and Instagram page, after the police alerted them of the video shortly after the attacker went live.

On Monday afternoon, about 3,000 high school and college students held a vigil in Hagley Park near the Al Noor mosque, one of the two mosques attacked on Friday.

So far 50 people have been confirmed dead after the gunman allegedly stormed into two mosques in Christchurch.

"You can either meet these things with either fear or friendship - that's the choice we have to make and in the end friendship wins".

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Meanwhile, hundreds of flights were canceled at Denver International Airport, and almost 40 were grounded in Colorado Springs. A dairy euthanized about 150 cows injured by the tornado. "It's like a vacuum cleaner, really", Carbin said.

A New Zealand standard A-category firearm licence is issued after a police and background check. So the argument that you could kill someone with other weapons, it's true you can, but it's a lot more hard.

She said if anything could have been done to prevent the attack, it would have been done. "We made a heart for you".

Reddit banned a community called r/watchpeopledie for violating policies that prohibit "content that incites or glorifies violence" in the wake of the shootings, with one source telling the Verge the users on the subreddit were actively encouraging sharing both the video and the manifesto.

"Until today I was one of the New Zealanders who owned a semi-automatic rifle".

Dozens of people from Auckland's Muslim community travelled to Christchurch to help with the burial process.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

"That's a matter I'm sure Corrections will be talking about as we speak", he said.

The states agreed to major improvement in their gun laws and that they would be uniform across the country. Video of a gunman in one mosque showed a semi-automatic with a large magazine round.

That followed reports over the weekend of panic buying of guns by some store owners, although the figures have yet to be confirmed.

Reigning Super Rugby champions Canterbury Crusaders, who play in Christchurch, said Monday they would consider changing their name after criticism that it was historically insensitive.

The alleged breach of the 1993 law may result in a prison sentence, police added.

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