Published: Sun, March 17, 2019
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Louis Vuitton pulls Michael Jackson-themed items from collection

Louis Vuitton pulls Michael Jackson-themed items from collection

The 20-year-old daughter of pop icon Michael launched a four-letter word tirade at U.S. entertainment website TMZ on her Twitter account on Saturday evening (UK time).

Jackson alluded to her frustration with the story in other tweets.

The model shut down rumors of her suicide attempt when reports surfaced she had been hospitalized and placed on a 5150 hold.

She went on to say her second cousin Taj is "doing a ideal job on his own".

A source told TMZ that this reported suicide attempt was directly related to the Leaving Neverland documentary. The Los Angeles Fire Department confirms that the patient was transported to the hospital.

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Paris responded to a fan who said they were upset to hear that she had attempted suicide.

Jackson quickly slammed the TMZ report on Twitter, writing, "f- you you f-ing liars".

While Leaving Neverland is certainly a compelling - and in some parts extremely hard - watch, there are some key aspects missing, including testimonials from Jackson's former staff members, other young boys Jackson was associated with, Jackson's own family, and the lengthy FBI investigation into the child molestation allegations. She also revealed she had been sexually assaulted by a stranger at the age of 14.

The collection, which debuted in Paris in January, featured references to Michael Jackson's iconography.

Paris strenuously denied the latter on Twitter, saying she was photographed re-enacting a movie scene with her boyfriend for their friends' entertainment, and they were mock arguing. The same report went onto indicate that Paris "indeed" in stable condition.

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