Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
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Passenger left 'shaking' after being told to cover up on Birmingham flight

Passenger left 'shaking' after being told to cover up on Birmingham flight

Yet the 21-year-old was threatened with being removed from the flight at Birmingham airport because her clothing was "inappropriate" and 'causing offence'.

Emily O'Connor says she was wearing a black crop top and orange pants when she boarded the Thomas Cook flight for Tenerife in Birmingham, UK. "No-one said a thing", she said, adding that her outbound flight was "the worst experience of my life".

She said that her cousin gave her cousin, who was travelling in the same flight.

Thomas Cook says its policy states that passengers who wear inappropriate attire "will not be permitted to travel unless a change of clothes is possible".

A different cabin crew member then said: "If you don't get changed we're putting you off the flight".

O'Connor Tweeted, "asked the plane (as they were all listening now anyway) if I was offending anyone, no-one said a word".

She said she had passed through security, passport control and boarded the plane for the flight on 2 March before anyone commented on what she was wearing.

Thomas Cook released a statement after the incident apologising for the ordeal Emily had to go through and promised that they would look into the matter.

O'Connor said she stood up to ask fellow passengers whether they were offended by her outfit, and received no response. "The manager then went to get my bag to remove me from the flight".

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The flier claimed a man also hurled abuse at her while Thomas Crew staff did nothing.

"They made comments over the speaker about the situation and left me shaking and upset on my own", said O'Connor.

On Wednesday, Thomas Cook Airlines said it had apologised to O'Connor and the its cabin services director had spoken to her "to find out more information" about the incident, CNN said.

She said the manager of the Birmingham to Tenerife flight and staff surrounded her, saying she must put a jacket on.

"[The airline] said that a member of their team had spoken to Ms O'Connor about the situation and is now trying to get in touch again to offer a further apology, following an investigation", reports Sky News.

For me as a woman, or a man, any gender, any sex, you should be able to show your body in any way you deem appropriate.

"Our crews have the hard task of implementing that policy and don't always get it right". "Footwear must be worn on the aircraft".

She also thanked people for the support, posting on Twitter: "Just a quick message to say thank you to everyone that has stuck up for me".

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