Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Last remaining US diplomats leave Venezuela

Last remaining US diplomats leave Venezuela

"Today, all US diplomats remaining in Venezuela departed the country", he said in a statement, adding that it is "a hard moment for them".

"We look forward to resuming our presence once the transition to democracy begins". The diplomats left the country on a chartered civilian aircraft.

The water supply, the outlet reports, has been intermittent "for months", and was almost non-existent this past week, as the country struggled with blackouts - the result of a "catastrophic failure" at one of the country's largest hydroelectric plants, which had a domino effect on the country's power grid. However, the Venezuelan government had described the remaining American diplomats as a threat to the country's peace and stability.

The country began returning to normal Thursday following a near-total weeklong blackout that the government has blamed on what it calls sabotage encouraged by the US.

Pompeo tweeted earlier in the week that the US diplomats were being withdrawn because their continued presence in Caracas had become a "constraint" on USA policy.

The president noted that the "cyberattack against the Venezuelan electric energy system was a terror act by the U.S. government against the Venezuelan people". Maduro claims Guiado is the chief operative in a "cyberattack" by the United States that caused Venezuela's electrical grid to collapse completely.

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Maduro has dubbed Guaido a puppet of the United States and said Washington has attempted a coup d'etat to exact a change in government. The United States and 54 other countries have recognized Guaido Venezuela's interim president. Russian Federation is an ally of Maduro, but its oil interests in Venezuela have been jeopardized since the Trump administration hit PDVSA with sanctions in January.

"Today, all USA diplomats remaining in Venezuela departed the country".

Morales is one of a few Latin American leaders to support the embattled Maduro, whose country has been reeling from a humanitarian crisis.

"Since this Monday. we have revoked 340 visas, 107 of which include visas of Maduro's former diplomats and their families", Palladino told reporters.

Maduro was fiercely critical of national security adviser John Bolton and Elliott Abrams, the USA special envoy for Venezuela.

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