Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google working on a foldable smartphone? Here’s what patent shows

Google working on a foldable smartphone? Here’s what patent shows

Presently, we have no idea how successful foldable phones are going to be, especially if the cost of them stays in the thousands. The patent images reveal the device in a partially folded configuration as well as fully folded. The device is likely to have an organic LED (OLED) display. According to the patent Google is considering working on a foldable handset.

Whether this foldable Pixel phone from Google ever sees the light of day is of course unknown and to be honest, not expected but it is good to see Google at least doing the basic groundwork should they ever want to release a foldable Pixel.

It looks like Google has considered using foldable display technology.

What do we expect to see in the iPhone 11? It only mentions it's to be used in a "modern computing device".

Google’s foldable patent hints at a compact clamshell phone

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold. While we've seen this design in a few other patents it's something fewer manufacturers seem to be considering, as most patents we've seen show phones folding in two. The device will have a single inward fold, according to the patent images. Its Pixel phones are no doubt safe, but the Pixelbook series, and perhaps new prospects like a Google foldable, may not survive the restructure. Between Project Stream and leaked information about Project Yeti, it's clear that the search giant is trying to change the future of ...

Almost every company is working on a foldable phone and you can bet that even those who say they aren't are at least doing some R&D into it - afterall, who wanted to be left behind when a new trend takes off.

In other words, if a Google folding phone is in the works, Google probably won't be in a hurry to reach the market with it, or use it to pioneer a unique Z-folding design.

Vietnam urges Malaysia free 2nd woman in N. Korean killing
Vietnam provided legal counsel to Huong, but has refrained from publicly lobbying for her release until today. Siti had been working as a masseuse in Kuala Lumpur , while Huong described herself as an entertainer.

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