Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Valve Expanding Steam Link Functionality So Gamers Can Play Anywhere

Valve Expanding Steam Link Functionality So Gamers Can Play Anywhere

According to the Steam community page Steam Link Anywhere "allows you to stream games to your Steam Link from any computer running Steam, as long as your computer has good upload speed and your Steam Link device has a good network connection".

The service is free to all who use Steam Link or the Steam Link app, and is now in beta.

Steam Link allows you to play on your phone, tablet, or TV for free using an app from Google Play. For those playing games instead of making them, Steam Link is now officially usable outside of home networks, albeit in open beta.

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As a software successor to the original Steam Link hardware that Valve killed off at the end of previous year, Steam Link Anywhere allows you to stream any game from your Steam library to whichever of those aforementioned devices you choose. Until, Apple and Steam can works around restrictions with the security framework in iOS, there is unfortunately no iOS Store version of the app as of yet.

The update is set to hit Steam Link hardware and apps today, though it'll require users to opt into a beta build dated March 13 or later.

Steam Link Anywhere is still in its beta stage, but it should provide gamers with relatively decent streaming experience. For both the host PC and the Android device. Valve explain the system here, and among the perks for developers are anonymized network traffic (protecting servers and clients from DDOS attacks) and potentially lower pings through Valve's networks. Steam Link Anywhere is a new service and it greatly expands upon the previous functionality of Steam Link for Android.

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