Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Slack dark mode is now available to everyone

Slack dark mode is now available to everyone

As of now, the Dark Mode is available only on the Beta version of the application. Night mode is easier on your eyes and easier on your device's battery. The workplace collaboration app is now rolling out the dark mode feature for Android and iOS beta testers. From there, you'll find the dark mode option under general.

Join Slack's beta testing program for free. For me, it took around 10 minutes for a new version of Slack to show up in the Play Store.

You will see the option within the app settings to join the beta testing program. After this, you can toggle the feature off and on.

Power on and unlock your phone, then tap on the Slack icon to open the app. That said, there still is a way to get something similar if not the dark mode itself. Facebook has already introduced dark mode for Messenger while WhatsApp too is being on the verge of getting one. The dark mode background since it is either black or grey provides you with a much longer battery life while using that app. Once you have tried the new dark mode in Slack for yourself, we want to know what you think about it.

There are so many tools and features in Slack that can help make you a more productive team member and many ways to maximize the use of the app.

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Chrome doesn't have a dark mode per se, but it does have an official Just Black theme.

Slack's Dark Mode is now available to everyone. You can do so by going here for iOS, and here for Android.

As noted above, the feature is now limited to just the beta users.

We can't go through every single app for Android and iOS with a dark mode, but those are the main ones.

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