Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
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Parents Of R. Kelly's Girlfriend Say They "Take Responsibility"

Parents Of R. Kelly's Girlfriend Say They

The parents' claims don't come from nowhere, reporter DeRogatis says it's the pattern of how R. Kelly finds his "girlfriends" and it's happened before with several women who were taken under Kelly's' wing in hopes to be musicians.

"We never denied responsibility", Angelo said. And this was strictly her music.

Azriel's parents, Alice and Angelo, said they were reassured by women that worked for Kelly that their daughter would be in good hands. I'm fighting for my f-king life! In the beginning of their relationship, Azirel, who is also a singer, desired to tour with Kelly after he offered her an opportunity to accompany him on tour. I should have seen the change in my baby girl instead of the love that we instilled in her, that she was showing us and putting on a charade.

Singer R.Kelly's yelling during the exclusive interview with Gayle King.

While they didn't trust Kelly because of previous allegations, they did initially trust their child, adding that they had seen many other young women working with him. "You know, basically, y'all need to make a decision, '" Alice Clary said. "R. Kelly had a platform as big as music can ever give somebody".

- Megan Hickey (@MeganHickeyTV) March 13, 2019Sources close to R. Kelly tell us the singer was absolutely lashing out at Drea Kelly when he quit writing child support checks ... a move that ultimately landed him in Cook County jail.

"From people on the inside, some of the other victims that we talked to, they all said that- that the girls have to prove their loyalty to him by any means necessary".

"I don't wanna call her bluff on it because I know she just attempted this previously", Alice Clary said, noting Azriel Clary's former suicide attempt following a bad breakup. "You're talking about a young lady that's raised by two parents", Angelo Clary said.

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At the end of the day, Angelo says he takes "full responsibility" for the situation they're in with their daughter. But it's nothing like - to see a father coming in the house and seeing your daughter submerged in water.

"And this is what you guys fail to realize, it was not just R. Kelly that was doing this".

If you are anxious about your or someone else's mental health, the best place to get help is your GP or local mental health provider. The parents revealed that they signed off paperwork for Azriel to stay with a woman they thought was apart of the label, Valerie Denise Payton.

Police rushed to R. Kelly's home on Tuesday following a call claiming his girlfriends were attempting to carry out a "suicide pact".

Both women have denied their parents' allegations. Kelly was indicted last month on the charges involving four victims, three of whom were underage, in incidents spanning more than a decade.

Even last week, Kelly was not able to pay the child support himself to get out of jail.

Now facing face up to 70 years in prison if convicted, these charges relate to Kelly's sexual interactions with victims aged between 13 and 16, with the first records of his alleged abuse commencing in 1996.

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