Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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USC Releases Statement Regarding the Fate of Lori Loughlin's Daughters

USC Releases Statement Regarding the Fate of Lori Loughlin's Daughters

She continued with, "But I do want the experience of like game days, partying - I don't really care about school, as you guys all know".

Isabella Rose, her older daughter, agreed with her mom's sentiments in the video. "It's so fun. Like I'd be happy to do anything".

While her younger sister has been getting the most attention from the ordeal, Isabella is also at the center of the massive college admissions fraud scandal. It is unclear whether she was fully aware of her parents' alleged actions. "I think they did fine, ' Olivia said on the Zach Sang Show, before joking that her parents were 'hypocrites".

"OK, so, who we are ... what we do is we help the wealthiest families in the USA get their kids into school", Singer told one parent, according to prosecutors.

To be totally fair, Olivia is a certified smoke, and we all know good looking women get to play by a different set of rules. "One was to cheat on the SAT or ACT, and the other was to use his connections with Division I coaches and use bribes to get these parents' kids into school with fake athletic credentials".

Loughlin, Mossimo, and actress Felicity Huffman are among 50 people charged in the college entrance cheating scandal. Fox News noted that Loughlin had been filming a movie in Vancouver.

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According to reports, Loughlin and her husband paid about $500,000 for their two daughters to be labeled as recruits to the USC crew team, even though the students were not rowers.

But in the wake of her mother being implicated as part of a broad college-admissions bribery scam - alleging that Loughlin illegally schemed to get the 19-year-old enrolled at the university - Olivia Jade is likely going to lose the lucrative brand-sponsorship deals she's landed over the years.

TMZ noted that Mossimo once sent an email that read, in part, that he wanted to "make sure we have a roadmap for success as it relates to [our daughter]".

She didn't label this video as sponsored content, but has posted plenty of "paid partnerships" on Instagram, showing she was directly making money as a college vlogger, including this post about an "invisible aligner" treatment. Andrew Lelling, the United States attorney for MA stated that the people arrested include nine coaches, two examination administrators, one exam proctor, one college administrator and 33 parents.

The daughters of "Full House" actress Lori Loughlin became targets of scorn on social media on Tuesday after their mother was charged in an alleged scheme to help privileged Americans get their children into elite universities by fraudulent means.

Regarding the scandal, Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent John Bonavolonta said in a statement (via Today), "We believe everyone charged here today had a role in fostering a culture of corruption and greed that created an uneven playing field for students trying to get into these schools the right way through hard work, good grades and community service".

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