Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Rosenthal: Baseball's confusing trade deadline rule is about to change

Rosenthal: Baseball's confusing trade deadline rule is about to change

This is effectively changing it back to the way it was up until two years ago.

Arguably most importantly, the Major League Baseball and the PA will begin discussing labor issues far before the current collective bargaining agreement expires in December 2021, according to the agreement.

"It remains to be seen what the union's going to ask for, what we're going to ask for and whether we reach an agreement", deputy commissioner Dan Halem said.

Ordinarily, the sides would have started negotiations in March 2021. So here's a quick look at what each new rule will mean for Major League Baseball.

Additionally, there will be only one trade deadline on July 31. The bargaining over distribution of revenue could be the most hard gap to bridge, with teams clearly paring back spending on aging players while players chafe at the notion that those 30 and older are no longer worthy of the deals they received in the past. The sides are discussing when trades can resume, with after the League Championship Series or after World Series among the possibilities.

Starting with games later this month, mound visits will be decreased from six to five and commercial breaks will be shortened.

Inning breaks: Inning breaks will be reduced from 2 minutes, 5 seconds to 2 minutes for local games and from 2:25 to 2 minutes in national games, "subject to discussions with broadcast partners". In late June or early July, an "Election Day" will be held in which the top three vote-getters at each position in each League during the Primary Round (including the top nine outfielders) will be voted on by fans during a prescribed time period to determine the All-Star Game starters.

All-Star bonus payments will be given to the top three vote getters at each position, including the top six outfielders. Home Run Derby prize money will be increased to $2.5 million, including $1 million for the victor, up from the $725,000 total previous agreed to for 2019, of which $150,000 had been designated for the victor. Prize money for the players on the winning All-Star team will be increased in 2019.

World Wide Web turns 30 years old
Berners-Lee wrote that this contract is not a quick fix, but rather a way to improve people's relationship with the online world. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, the internet and the World Wide Web are not the same.

- A joint management-union committee will study effects of potential changes to the strike zone, the height of the mound and the distance from the mound to the plate. It is to issue its recommendations by December 15.

As Passan details, the All-Star Game selection process will also be getting a facelift in 2019.

-All pitchers must face at least three batters or end a half-inning, unless injured. While the union refused to agree to that provision, it also said it will not challenge it. Per the agreement, rosters will expand from 25 to 26 players, with a maximum of 13 pitchers allowed, from opening day until September 1. What had been a 26th player for certain day-night doubleheaders through August 31 will become a 27th player in those situations.

The number of pitchers a Club may carry on the active roster will be capped at a number determined by the joint committee.

Elimination of 40-man active roster limit in September.

Rosters will be increased from 25 to 26 players.

The number of pitchers each team during the championship season or postseason may carry will be capped by a joint committee from Major League Baseball and the Players Association.

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