Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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First Person On Mars Likely To Be A Woman

First Person On Mars Likely To Be A Woman

At the NASA Ames Research Center/Bay Area Environmental Research Institute, Alexander Sehlke will lead a team whose mission is to complete an experiment started 50 years ago whose aim was to see how volatiles like water are stored on the moon's radiation-bombed surface. He said the US plans to have a "sustainable", although not continuous, human presence on the moon.

"Last week it came to our attention that we're not going to be able to maintain the schedule", he told the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

That's where the Space Launch System, or SLS, comes in.

Bridenstine did not specify if the space agency had a particular woman in mind.

"The goal is to get back on track" he declared.

A capsule for astronauts, Orion, is being built by Lockheed-Martin and Europe for the missions. The Space Station has had two decades of successful operations in orbit and is the world's largest cooperative programme in science and technology, with over 100 countries having used it for research and education.

That scenario isn't a slam-dunk.

Boeing is using more than 1,000 subcontractors in 43 U.S. states to get the job done.

‘Bomb Cyclone’ May Have Set Unofficial State Low Pressure In Colorado
Some areas could see gusts as strong as 100 miles per hour , which is equivalent to the wind speed of a Category 2 hurricane. The National Weather Service ( NWS ) has warned of a major winter storm ranging from the Central Rockies through the Plains.

Wicker noted that there wasn't much time between now and mid-2020, but Bridenstine said there might be time enough. However, the "strong" budget that NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine referred to in a previous statement may spell a different story.

Bridenstine said the decision on whether to proceed with the shift could be made in the next couple of weeks.

Bridenstine replied: "NASA has a history of not meeting launch dates, and I'm trying to change that".

Mr Bridenstine noted this option might require more money from Congress. It hasn't emerged from NASA's Johnson Space Center since it touched down in 1972.

A test flight of the Orion capsule was launched in early 2015 aboard a Delta IV rocket built by United Launch Alliance (ULA), a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

A new $21 billion 2020 budget marks almost a six per cent increase from last year's.

The plan, which has been in development over the last few years, relies on the developing Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft, along with the Gateway orbital platform.

Bridenstine called for NASA to use more commercial crafts in the future, saying the agency would be a major customer and did not want to be "the long pole in the tent", a reference to the cavalcade of rules, regulations and delays the agency has historically faced.

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