Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Firefox Send - Self-destructing file sharing service

Firefox Send - Self-destructing file sharing service

In 2017, Mozilla experimented with a service that let you transfer 1GB files by sharing a web address with the recipient. Though the latter no longer exists, Firefox Send has blossomed into an end-to-end encrypted file transfer service enabling anyone to send files up to 2.5GB in size.

The platform also allows users to set an expiry time for when the file link they created expires, as well as selecting how many users can download the files.

"Although we develop our services in ways to minimize identification, you should know that it may be possible to correlate the IP address of a Send user to the IP address of other Mozilla services with accounts; and if there is a match, this could identify the account email address", Mozilla informs.

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"By default, files are stored for a maximum of either 24 hours or 7 days". If you really want to make sure your files end up in the right hands, you can password protect them, too. To do so, you visit this link to start uploading your files.

The service uses an algorithm known as AES-GCM-128 to encrypt and authenticate data on the sender's computer before uploading it to Mozilla servers. If you are logged into a Firefox account, you can share files of up to 2.5GB and enable a limit of up to 100 downloads. Still, Send shouldn't be trusted with the most sensitive types of data, such as files that might land a dissident or whistleblower in prison. There's never any guarantee that a Test Pilot will result in a final product launch, but Firefox Send has apparently proven popular enough to graduate to a full commercial release. Unlike other file hosting services, there is now no paid options.

The announcement also states that an Android version is in the works and should be available for download soon.

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