Published: Wed, March 13, 2019
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Manafort faces up to 10 years at second sentencing in 6 days

Manafort faces up to 10 years at second sentencing in 6 days

The latest sentence, handed down by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington, DC federal court, was for 73 months in connection with Manafort's guilty plea related to foreign lobbying and witness tampering, But Jackson ordered a portion to be served concurrently with a 47-month sentence meted out last Thursday in Virginia, Manafort 81 months left to serve behind bars.

"I am sorry for what I have done and for all of the activities that have gotten us here today", said Manafort during the sentencing.

But this time, Manafort made clear he was apologetic due to Ellis saying he was "surprised that I did not hear you express regret". "Please let my wife and I be together", Manafort asked Jackson, The Atlantic reported.

Jackson was expected to tack on additional prison time beyond the 47-month punishment Manafort received last week in Virginia. I am her primary caregiver. this case has taken enough from me already. "This case has taken everything from me already - my properties, my cash, my life insurance, my trust accounts for my children and my grandchildren, and more".

Prosecutors with the Manhattan district attorney's office announced state fraud charges Wednesday against Paul Manafort.

The veteran lobbyist who ran Trump's presidential campaign between March and August 2016 was targeted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's prosecutors in the course of their "Russiagate" probe.

The Mueller team has prosecuted Manafort in Washington and in Virginia related to his foreign consulting work on behalf of a pro-Russia Ukrainian political party.

No longer wearing a prison jumpsuit as he did last week, Manafort sat in a wheelchair sporting a suit.

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The new state charges against Mr. Manafort are contained in a 16-count indictment that alleges a yearlong scheme in which he falsified business records to obtain millions of dollars in loans, Mr. Vance said in a news release after the federal sentencing.

"I believe that is not reflective of someone who has learned a harsh lesson".

Both cases stem from an inquiry into alleged Russian election meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections.

Jackson said that her finding Manafort "accepted responsibility" under sentencing for the sake of the calculations being done, is "not the same" as deciding he " has accepted responsibility in the existential and personal sense". "Period", Jackson said. "Therefore, it was not resolved one way or the other in this case".

"No one is beyond the law in NY", said DA Cy Vance Jr in a statement.

Judge T.S. Ellis III in the Eastern District of Virginia last week appeared moved by Manafort's claims, sparking a public backlash by going far below guidelines that recommended a sentence of about two decades in prison. Manafort had pleaded not guilty to all 18 counts in the case.

During Wednesday's hearing, Jackson ruled that Manafort should get a tougher sentence because he acted in a leadership role, directing others to participate in a crime.

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