Published: Wed, March 13, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

A No-Deal Brexit Would Be "Unlawful", Dominic Grieve Says

A No-Deal Brexit Would Be

"If she backed Labour's proposal we would still be able to trade freely through membership of the Customs Union and regain control of immigration because we left the single market".

MPs are nearly certain to oppose this outcome, particularly given neither main party is supporting it-the prime minister yesterday agreed to grant Conservative MPs a free vote on the issue, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for no-deal to be taken off the table.

The issue of when, if and how the United Kingdom leaves the European Union remained up in the air after MPs on Tuesday rejected the withdrawal agreement sewed by Prime Minister Theresa May over almost three years after the 2016 referendum. The UK may then instead seek to alter the Political Declaration on future relations to more explicitly state that a range of options remain open after withdrawal-including a closer relationship that Labour MPs could support.

"It is completely irresponsible for the Conservatives to continue to put their party ahead of the national interest".

"It's time that we have a General Election and the people can choose who their Government should be", he said. After almost one thousand days of negotiations, no other outcome looks possible now.

Ms Allen acknowledged that the situation is very worrying for constituents.

"But she has said at every stage that just voting for this motion does not take no deal off the table". A second referendum isn't likely to demonstrate any more consensus in either direction than the first one did, even if the hysteria about a second referendum being the end of democracy is overblown.

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"If I felt it wasn't going to cause significant damage to the divisions in the country, I still think a second referendum, and an opportunity to stay, has to be the best thing long-term for the country". "These are unenviable choices, but thanks to the decision the House has made this evening they must now be faced".

After losing her first Brexit deal vote by the worst margin for a government bill in modern British history, the best that can be said for Theresa May's second attempt is that it at least performed marginally better.

"Her eleventh-hour dash to Strasbourg looked like a desperate ploy to pull the wool over everyone's eyes". It makes us a rule taker, not a rule maker. More time will not significantly change the options on the table-Conservative MPs may want to note too that their voters are shifting in favour of the deal, with 54 per cent now backing it. But what a mess.

David Cameron has warned MPs that failing to rule out a no-deal Brexit would be a "disaster" for Britain.

Mr Corbyn said the Government needed to "accept their deal is clearly dead and does not have the support of this House".

Corbyn also called on the lawmakers to reject the new version of the deal during the vote that is scheduled to take place later in the day.

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