Published: Tue, March 12, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Mother forgets baby at Jeddah airport, flight returns

Mother forgets baby at Jeddah airport, flight returns

On suddenly realising her blunder, she informed the cabin crew she had forgotten her baby at the terminal forcing the pilot to turn Flight SV832 from Saudi Arabia's capital city, Jeddah, to Kuala Lumpur back.

The Saudi Arabian Airlines flight had to return at the Jeddah's King Abdulaziz International Airport after the Saudi mother boarded the flight leaving behind her baby at the airport.

A video of the pilot requesting Air Traffic Control operators to return to the airport has gone viral on social platforms.

Flights are cleared to return to airports when there is a major emergency and something happens to force the pilot to turn around, reported Gulf News.

In the video, the pilot is heard saying, "May God be with us".

Mother and child were safely reunited, and the flight carried on without incident. The scenario, seemingly a first for the air traffic controllers, leaves the operator confounded and he can be heard conferring with others over the appropriate action.

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After noting the flight number, the operator asks a colleague what protocol they should follow, if one even exists, Newsweek report.

Air traffic controllers finally reply, "Ok, head back to the gate".

Flights don't tend to turn back just because a passenger has left something behind in the waiting room-but it's a different story when the forgotten item is a baby.

The freaky incident ended on a happy note after the mother was reunited with her baby at the airport.

The pilot has been appreciated for his humanity and the way he tackled the situation.

The pilot has since been lauded for coming to the rescue of the distraught mother by social media users.

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