Published: Tue, March 12, 2019
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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announce engagement

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announce engagement

Then there's the estimated six-figure rock from her 2001 marriage to back up dancer Cris Judd.

Jennifer Lopez said yes to Alex Rodriguez's proposal, and with the rock he presented, who could say no?

"Alex Rodriguez stop being a piece of s*** stop cheating on Jennifer Lopez", he tweeted, adding, "Alex Rodriguez I challenge you to a boxing match or an MMA match anytime you want".

While Canseco was trying to stir up drama on Twitter, other stars took to social media to send the pair well wishes and react to JLo's new bling.

Canseco ended his tweets aimed at Rodriguez by saying "I am willing to take a polygraph to prove that what I'm saying about Alex Rodriguez is 100% accurate".

Rodriguez twice admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs and was suspended all of the 2014 seasons for violating the league's drug policy.

Alex Rodgriguez shares
Alex Rodgriguez shares

Not only is Canseco, 56, throwing around baseless accusations, he's dragging his ex-wife, Jessica, into the mix.

Canseco and Jessica had a rocky relationship.

He was arrested and charged with battering his wife in Miami in 1997, eventually pleading no contest. He was sentenced to one-year probation as a result.

Cops charged Canseco after he and his wife argued in a vehicle as they returning from their daughter's birthday party. Bill Schwartz said at the time.

Jessica Canseco, ex-wife of Jose Canseco, strikes a pose at the Rogers Centre in 2005.

Canseco was accused of aggravated assault against his then-wife Esther after he allegedly rammed her auto with his own in 1992.

Man arrested for choking driver who wouldn't stop singing Christmas carols
A passenger was arrested last week after allegedly choking a driver whom he complained to about singing Christmas songs in March. According to police, Clayton Lucas was getting his Scrooge on when he tried to strangle his Christmas song loving driver.

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