Published: Mon, March 11, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

This is what Google’s video game controller could look like

This is what Google’s video game controller could look like

The patent has a January 31, 2019 publication date, and uses line drawings to outline what is mostly pretty standard fare for a console controller.

A patent has surfaced that offers a glimpse as to what Google's controller design could look like.

One touch that's distinctively Google-esque is what looks like a voice control button in the center - a way of calling up Google Assistant perhaps while you're in the middle of a gaming session. The controller offers the traditional D-pad, thumb sticks, four primary buttons, and four trigger buttons.

Right up front the online gamer community has embraced the new controller with all of the sensitivity and tact of a frat BBQ, with many a criticism of it's comfort, design and the quality of the gaming service been called into question.

This suggests that the controller itself might be the only hardware released by Google and that the Yeti cloud gaming platform would work with other, existing devices - such as Chromecast, Android TV boxes or released as TV apps themselve.

Google's video game controller has (potentially) been revealed early in patent filings

The Reps Twitter account posted a tweet showing off renders of the controller.

The patent details the functionality of the controller it has designed for the game streaming platform, including basic sketches of the gamepad's layout.

Thurrott reported on the discovery of the patent application which is for a notification system between the contoller and its console counterpart. The notification may be provided by an audio and/or visual cue on the game controller. Instead of being used with a specific device, the Google controller would be used with several devices and device types - so you could have one controller that worked across a television screen, a PC, a tablet, and a mobile phone.

Whatever it is, we'll find out for sure March 19.

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