Published: Mon, March 11, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Man arrested for choking driver who wouldn't stop singing Christmas carols

Man arrested for choking driver who wouldn't stop singing Christmas carols

A passenger was arrested last week after allegedly choking a driver whom he complained to about singing Christmas songs in March.

On March 4, a Pennsylvania state trooper responded to a call of a reported medical emergency on the side of an interstate on-ramp, CBS News reported.

The other man said he was driving with Lucas in the backseat. He allegedly "reached around [the driver's] seat and began choking him" to the point where he nearly lost consciousness, according to the news outlet.

When the state trooper tried to handcuff Lucas, he said Lucas wouldn't listen, and after several verbal commands, he ended up having to sweep Lucas' legs out from under him to gain control of the situation.

The victim told the trooper he was singing Christmas songs.

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According to police, Clayton Lucas was getting his Scrooge on when he tried to strangle his Christmas song loving driver.

According to KDKA and WTAE in Pittsburgh, it happened last week along Route 28 in Allegheny County.

The driver told police at the scene that Lucas restricted the air and blood from around his neck to the point he was about to pass out.

Lucas faces multiple charges including aggravated assault. Lucas no longer appears to be in custody, according to Pennsylvania Department of Corrections records.

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