Published: Sun, March 10, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple's iPhone-tethered AR goggles could debut next year

Apple's iPhone-tethered AR goggles could debut next year

Most recently, the firm scooped up Akonia Holographics, a startup that makes displays for augmented reality (AR) devices.

According to 9to5Mac today, Kuo reportedly said the first generation of what we assume will be called the Apple Glasses will rely on a paired iPhone for pretty much everything: computing, rendering, connectivity, location services, etc. It also might not be such a bad idea to release a tethered headset first for a number of reasons, the most important of which are production and production costs. He also says that they will be reliant on a connected iPhone to do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of processing and connectivity.

Apple is believed to be working on a headset that supports AR and VR technology. The glasses are definitely convenient, as you do not require to take out a smartphone every time a notification pops up. Apple's rumored headset, however, is being described as an AR headset, which means it would likely offer a much different experience.

In case you're not aware, augmented reality (AR) is different from virtual reality (AR). There is also the challenge of fitting the headset with built-in depth sensors and display.

Magic Leap's hardware includes a computing and battery pack left connected with a cable to a pair of smart goggles center and controlled with a wireless remote right

The glasses will be an iPhone accessory that acts kind of like an external display. Simply put, AR is a technology that sees virtual 3D images overlaid onto the real world.

Magic Leap is one such example.

The tech giant has filed a new patent that gives a glimpse into what it may be developing behind closed doors, according to Patently Apple. So far, the company only has its ARKit iPhone and iPad apps to show for it. But still, we can expect a slim and lighter design which will be easier to handle and comfortable to wear.

If it is true that here we will have a quite severe problem since this kind of tasks will involve a large amount of battery in the iPhone and we already know that Apple's phones do not enjoy a very good autonomy. That being said, we might have to wait until early next year to get the first look of Apple's first AR product, provided the mass production hits by the end of this year. Microsoft launched HoloLens 2 that has a 52-degree fi eld-of-view, more than double the width of the company's previous augmented-reality headset and no longer restricting your vision to a little box.

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