Published: Mon, March 04, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Here's Why You Don't Park Next To A Fire Hydrant

Here's Why You Don't Park Next To A Fire Hydrant

The firefighters from the Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department arrived at a home with a fire, only to find a auto parked in front of the hydrant.

The Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department had responded to a residential fire when they found a vehicle parked too close to a hydrant.

Firefighters in California are reminding drivers not to park in front of fire hydrants. "Please do not park in fire lanes".

Four photos show the sedan's rear side windows busted out to make way for a fire hose.

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Some Twitter users questioned why the fire department needed to break the windows, though many applauded them for a job well done.

'In answer as to why break the windows instead of going under, over, or around the doesn't work. "We do not intentionally damage people's property unless absolutely necessary". This requires a straight line from hydrant to nozzle, meaning windows must be broken.

Wyatt said that the post was not meant to embarrass or humiliate the owner of the vehicle, but rather educate the public about a critical issue and hopefully change parking behaviors.

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