Published: Sun, March 03, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Venezuela's Guaido visits Ecuador to build pressure on rival

Venezuela's Guaido visits Ecuador to build pressure on rival

The vote on the rival resolutions followed Saturday's highly publicized attempt by Guaido, who has been recognized as Venezuela's interim president by the USA and more than 50 other countries, to deliver humanitarian aid across the country's borders with Colombia and Brazil. The Treasury Department sanctioned six Venezuelan security officials earlier on Friday, whom it said were "obstructing" humanitarian aid deliveries last weekend.

Similarly, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini warned on Saturday that any possible measure that could put at risk Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's freedom and safety would lead to a new escalation of crisis around the Latin American country and face a strong worldwide condemnation.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington was still working on plans to get the aid delivered to Venezuela, which is suffering from a deep economic crisis marked by widespread shortages of basic necessities.

Russian Federation and China vetoed a USA -drafted U.N. Security Council resolution calling for a free and fair presidential election in Venezuela and unhindered aid access.

However, Abrams could not reveal more about the visa revocations, and could not reveal whether the U.S. had talked any other countries into imposing sanctions on Venezuela.

The list includes National Guard Commander Richard Lopez and five other police and military officials based near the Colombian or Brazilian borders.

The council then voted on a rival Russian draft that aimed to express support for a political solution and back the Venezuelan government as the primary coordinator of global assistance efforts in the country.

Tavares honored by Islanders, jeered by fans in return to Long Island
Filppula made it a three-goal lead as he put in a loose puck in front for his 13th with exactly a minute left in the second. The chanting and booing aimed at Tavares only got louder as the Maple Leafs came back on the ice for the start of the game.

"As for USA plans to provide weapons to militants to destabilize the situation in Venezuela - frankly speaking, for invading this sovereign country - they certainly cause us concern", he said.

"Maduro supporters that abuse or violate human rights, steal from the Venezuelan people, or undermine Venezuela's democracy are not welcome in the United States", he stated.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, receiving Venezuelan vice president Delcy Rodriguez in Moscow, said Russia was stepping up shipments of wheat and was considering sending more medical supplies after shipping 7.5 tonnes worth.

He said close cooperation with Venezuela was gaining "special importance" as the country faced "a frontal attack and a shameless intervention into its internal affairs".

Venezuela's National Assembly declared Maduro a usurper in January and invoked the constitution to hand the interim presidency to Guaido.

"In the next few hours we will announce new protest marches", said Guaido, who is scheduled to travel to Argentina later on Friday to meet with President Mauricio Macri and to Ecuador on Saturday to meet with President Lenin Moreno.

Brazil was one of the first to recognize Guaido, after the United States and Colombia.

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