Published: Fri, March 01, 2019
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Venezuela turns to Russian Federation for help as crisis deepens

Venezuela turns to Russian Federation for help as crisis deepens

Later in the day, the UN Security Council is set to vote on the dueling draft documents on the situation in Venezuela submitted by Russian Federation and the United States. A competing Russian Federation resolution instead calls for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, but says that Maduro needs to approve aid deliveries, which he has blocked from entering the country on the grounds that they are a pretext to a USA military invasion. While in Vietnam, the president also addressed the ongoing situation in Venezuela.

Tensions in Venezuela escalated on January 23, when opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president.

According to the website, Guaido had promised the United States government that if the majority of the world leaders recognized him as the alleged president of Venezuela, at least half of the FANB officers would desert, but it did not happen.

"We continue to strengthen relations with countries that have recognized our efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela and hold free elections", Guaido said in a Twitter message, after meeting in Brasilia with diplomats from about 20 European Union member states.

On Saturday, the opposition failed to force unauthorized US-sponsored aid into Venezuela.

Juan Guaido, recognized by many countries as Venezuela's president, said Thursday he would return to Caracas this weekend despite "threats". But the opposition leader's efforts to wrest power from his adversary have stumbled, raising the prospect of a protracted standoff in which US sanctions inflict deeper economic pain on Venezuelans.

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A spokesman for the UN's World Food Programme told AFP that it was an evaluation mission that had reached the warehouse near the western port city of Hodeida.

Despite efforts to block the aid, President Trump said the still finding ways to get the aid into Venezuela.

"We are hopeful that over the next couple of weeks, we can really begin to make a dent in that problem", Pompeo said.

Guaido is in Brazil to meet with President Jair Bolsonaro, another supporter of his and a Maduro opponent.

The United States remains committed to delivering medicine, hygiene kits and other aid to Venezuela, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

Maduro has threatened Guaido with arrest if he returns home. "My role and my duty is to be in Caracas, despite the risks and regardless of what that implies". He says he's going home in the coming days despite "threats", in another looming flashpoint in his power struggle with Nicolas Maduro, the military-backed president targeted by USA oil sanctions aimed at forcing his ouster. Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia and a number of other countries have meanwhile voiced their support for the legitimate government of Maduro.

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