Published: Thu, February 28, 2019
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Pokemon Sword and Shield announced for Switch

Pokemon Sword and Shield announced for Switch

The Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games take place in the Galar region.

Nintendo today released more info about the next proper RPG in the Pokémon series, Sword and Shield. The Galar region isn't scattered like Alola, but rather everything sits on a narrow island. People can choose the fire rabbit Scorbunny, grass chimp Grookey, or water lizard Sobble. We might not be getting Metroid Prime 4 this year, but Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield should help to tide over Switch owners this holiday season. "An idyllic countryside, contemporary cities, thick forest, and craggy, snow-covered mountains". "Since then, Trainers around the world have discovered new Pokemon, engaged in epic battles, and made countless memories along the way".

You'll visit the various Gyms in the region, and work your way to becoming Champion.

In addition to the announcement, The Pokemon Company also shared a glimpse to the three starters for the new game. There are sure to be dozens of additional Pokemon to unveil at E3 2019 and beyond, but these are the three companions you'll choose between as you embark on your latest adventure.

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There's still plenty to learn about Pokemon Sword and Shield, and unfortunately for Pokemon fans, there's plenty of time left to learn it. Pokemon Sword and Shield are still scheduled to launch in late 2019, so we've got a while to wait before these games are here.

"We love Pokemon and we know you do, too!" reads a Niantic post.

Ishihara also stated that there is more to come from the Pokemon brand before the release, so we're excited to see what's next and I am personally thrilled to virtually snuggle that Grookey.

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