Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
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Samantha Markle Shades George Clooney for Defending Meghan Markle

Samantha Markle Shades George Clooney for Defending Meghan Markle

Only the way he managed to word them was ah... more than just a little off.

George Clooney has come to the defence of Meghan Markle in a new interview.

The Hollywood star is a close friend of Harry and Meghan and he and his human rights lawyer wife Amal attended the royal wedding in May previous year as well as reportedly visiting the couple at their Cotswolds home.

George previously praised 37-year-old Meghan and Harry's wedding as being "good news" for the world.

The actor, who is a friend of the British royal and her husband Prince Harry and attended their royal wedding with his wife Amal last May (18), gave the warning after United Kingdom tabloid the Mail on Sunday published a letter Meghan reportedly wrote to her estranged father, Thomas Markle.

She says: "I don't think Charles will stand for her being anything less".

"Oh, yes, I'll be the godfather of the royals, apparently", he said with a laugh, clarifying his sarcasm with a big, "No!"

Angel Di Maria has last laugh with PSG on Old Trafford return
But Di Maria held on to laugh last after spearheading United's first defeat under interim boss Ole Gunnar Solkjaer. This was the Di Maria £60m was supposed to buy. "Puta!" to the United faithful, captured clearly by TV cameras.

Meghan laughed as a relative of one of the children showed her a photo on her phone, zooming in on the image to get a closer look. "She's a woman who is seven months pregnant and she is being pursued and vilified and chased in the same way that [Princess] Diana was, and it's history repeating itself.and we've seen how that ends".

An unnamed friend of Los Angeles-born Meghan told USA magazine People: 'He's never called; he's never texted.

Thomas Markle has shared the emotional letter Meghan Markle wrote him in August 2018.

Reportedly written after her wedding, the letter accuses Thomas of "breaking her heart into a million pieces" before pleading with him to stop lying and speaking to tabloid newspapers without first trying to speak to her.

However, this recent scandal is the one that may have possibly pushed her over the edge when it comes to her family, and a source said that she isn't planning on releasing a comment about her father leaking her private letter because she doesn't want to make things worse.

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"So, numerous things in that letter were written with the public in mind".

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