Published: Mon, February 11, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Ralph Northam says 'I'm not going anywhere' despite calls to resign

Ralph Northam says 'I'm not going anywhere' despite calls to resign

He added, "That's why I'm not going anywhere".

Another possibility: Fairfax simply hangs on as he disputes the allegations.

Democratic Del. Patrick Hope said he wants to introduce articles of impeachment Monday against Fairfax after two women recently accused the Democrat of sexual assault in the 2000s.

Fairfax, who has denied the allegations and called for an investigation, has also faced widespread calls from Democratic leaders to step aside.

The governor also said his lieutenant governor would have "no choice" but to step down if the accusations against him turned out to be true. But I can tell you that I am sure, just like me, he has grown.

Watson alleges Fairfax raped her while they were students at Duke University in 2000, her attorney said in a statement.

"It's obvious from what happened this week that we still have a lot of work to do", he said.

The disgrace tarnishing the top elected officials could sour voters on Democrats in an election year in which every General Assembly seat is up for grabs, likely helping Republicans hold on to a thin majority.

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Mr. Samirah, a dentist, is running against Republican Greg Nelson and independent candidate Connie Haines Hutchinson in what will be the Democrats' first test since the scandals began to pile up.

If a hearing did occur, attorneys for both of the women accusing Fairfax - Meredith Watson and Vanessa Tyson - say they would be willing to testify.

"Also known as slavery", Gayle King said, interrupting him. He said Saturday he heard from Tyson after their encounter and he knew Watson after their encounter, and he said neither ever "said or otherwise indicated that our interaction was not consensual or caused her any discomfort". "There are still some very deep wounds in Virginia, and especially in the area of equity", he said. Steve Newman, the Senate's pro tem, serve as both a voting senator and temporary lieutenant governor.

Northam is identified as one of the men in the photo - the picture actually appears on his "profile" page in the yearbook - but, despite an early apology and vague admission, he denies that he dressed up as either character.

In other news, is Ralph Northam really at the point already where he feels comfortable commenting on OTHER PEOPLES' issues with racist "blackface?"

He told the Post that conversations this week with black state lawmakers, who are among those calling for him to resign, helped him better understand the history and hurtfulness of blackface, which he has admitted using in 1984 to portray Michael Jackson at a dance contest.

The jeopardy confronting Mr. Fairfax, who was a 39-year-old rising star in the party, is part of a political crisis overtaking Virginia's Democratic leadership. Because it doesn't. To the contrary, every time Northam talks to a reporter, there's a serious risk - if not likelihood - that he'll say something false, absurd, assinine, tone-deaf, clueless and/or racially insensitive (at the minimum).

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