Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

DUI Suspect Shows Off His Dance Moves During Field Sobriety Test

Pasco County sheriff's deputies found Christopher Larson, 33, asleep in his auto with the engine running and brake lights on in front of a business in Holiday around 2 a.m.

Law enforcement officials from Holiday, Florida released video of DUI suspect Christopher Ryan Larson, 33, while warning that though it may seem amusing, driving under the influence comes with serious, and potentially deadly consequences.

Deputies say the driver was asleep at the wheel.

The sheriff's office told WTVT that Larson's blood alcohol level when he was arrested was more than three times Florida's legal limit for driving.

After the Sheriff's deputies woke him up, Larson got out of the vehicle, which rolled forward and narrowly missed one of the officers.

When deputies were able to rouse him from his sleep, he left the vehicle but did not put it in park.

He was awoken by deputies but then tried to get out the vehicle while the auto was in drive. A deputy had to jump inside and hit the brakes to avoid crashing into a fence.

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The video also shows Larson side-step out of place and point at a deputy.

Larson also told police he was in Clearwater, 20 miles away from where he actually was.

After being arrested, the report said Larson admitted to drinking for several hours.

Following all of this, the deputy asked Larson to submit to the field sobriety test.

In one part of the video, a deputy is heard asking Larson if he is done with the test, to which Larson responds "No not really", before he continues.

Larson spoke with FOX 13's Briona Arradondo over the phone.

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