Published: Fri, February 08, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

How Google Leverages ML To Block Over 99.9% Spam Messages In Gmail

We're talking a 99.9 percent success rate and an additional 100 million spam messages blocked every day with the help of machine learning technology.

Google LLC is beefing up Gmail's anti-spam capabilities with new protections, powered by its machine learning software framework TensorFlow, that are created to complement its existing algorithms.

In fact, the firm has insisted it now blocks 99.9 percent of "spam, phishing, and malware from reaching Gmail inboxes" at the moment. Google's AI framework TensorFlow will be trained to additionally filter Gmail inboxes, the company announced.

"That's why we recently implemented new protections powered by TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning (ML) framework developed at Google".

The company started using the filter last month and claims that it has managed to block 100 million extra spam messages.

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There is no one definition for 'spam,' and that what looks like a spammy message to one user might be a much-awaited mail for another one, and Google is fully aware of the fact.

Neil Kumaran, product manager of Counter Abuse Technology at Google, points out that, "at the scale we're operating at, an additional 100 million is not easy to come by". Also, it's been open source since 2015, meaning that new innovations and research from the community can be quickly put to work. 'Within Gmail, we're now experimenting TensorFlow in other security-related areas, such as phishing and malware, as part of our continuous efforts to keep users safe, ' Google explains on its blog. However, current filtering techniques can block only obvious spam, while the machine learning system will learn from new patterns which hint at spam. It has been praised both for its flexibility and capacity to scale alongside working with Google's other AI services. TensorFlow is used to stop image-based messages, emails with hidden embedded content, and messages from newly created domains.

Tech giant Google is doing everything possible to get rid of spam mails.

TensorFlow also helps Google personalise spam protection for each user.

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