Published: Fri, February 08, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Fire at training ground of Brazilian club Flamengo -- 10 dead

Fire at training ground of Brazilian club Flamengo -- 10 dead

At least three youths aged 14 and 15 were injured in the blaze.

Local media reported that the fire started in a dorm where youth soccer players sleep. The club posted a graphic on Twitter that said "Flamengo is in mourning". The fire swept through the club's newly expanded youth training center in the early hours of the morning and engulfed the dormitory in flames as the players were sleeping. The one in the most serious condition is Jonathan Cruz Ventura, 15, who was admitted to the ICU of the Lorenço Jorge Hospital.

There is still no official information about what caused the fire.

With former players such as Zico, Vinicius Junior, Ronaldinho, Bebeto, Romario and Leonardo, Flamengo is one of the best-supported clubs in Brazil and is well-known around the world.

Aerial images from Globo TV showed firefighters walking through a charred area with smoke emerging.

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The blaze broke out at 5:00 am in the Vargem Grande district of Rio in a modern facility where the top-flight professional Flamengo squad also trains, the news website G1 said.

After years of financial difficulties, Flamengo last year spent 23 million reais ($6.2 million) to expand the Ninho do Urubu facilities.

The fire follows days of heavy rains that hit the city and claimed at least six lives. He said: 'What sad news! The facility, which translates to the "Vulture's Nest", is so called because the club's symbol is a vulture.

According to Reuters news agency, the site features accommodation for young players, several pitches, an aquatic park, a gym, a medical centre and a mini stadium. The facility was closed, and no officials had come out to address media. Instead, he went to a friend's house. The development leagues identify promising players at a young age, working with them as they grow through their teenage years. "Today I woke up and heard this bad news".

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