Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
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Sneak peek: The 230 brand new emojis coming to smartphones in 2019

Sneak peek: The 230 brand new emojis coming to smartphones in 2019

Dubbed 'Emoji 12.0, ' the new list contains 59 distinct new emojis.

Emojipedia has just announced that 230 new emojis have been approved by the Unicode Consortium and are coming to your smartphones in 2019.

Inclusive characters dominated this year's batch and users will soon be able to use characters that reflect couples' different races and genders under the "people holding hands" emoji.

The new disability-centric emoji images include prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs (both manual and powered), hearing aids, white "probing" canes, and guide dogs.

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Among the other emoji introduced this year are a yawning face, garlic, and several symbols associated with disabilities.

Emoji lovers can look forward to several new animal emoji, including sloth, otter, flamingo, orangutan, and skunk. Instead, the new menstruation emoji will take the form of a single drop of blood, an alternative Plan International U.K. supports.

Today 230 new Emojis were revealed, and one in particular has sent the internet into overdrive. They should be available on many smartphones in the second half of the year, Unicode said. Among them include the sari, a Hindu Temple, falafel, maté, and the Diya Lamp emoji. The post adds that typically new emojis start appearing on mobile phones in September or October, but it is quite possible that we may see the new ones even earlier. Below, see a video run-through of the new emoji (in the iOS style) put together by Emojipedia, a voting member of the Unicode Consortium and the largest emoji reference website.

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