Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Hugh Jackman's commercial for Ryan Reynolds' gin company is hilariously brutal

Hugh Jackman's commercial for Ryan Reynolds' gin company is hilariously brutal

When the ad ends, Jackman playfully attempts to dissuade Reynolds from watching the ad he's made for Aviation, but upon Reynolds' insistence, they watch the ad together, which is simply a shot of Jackman speaking to the camera.

In these ads produced by Escape Velocity, Reynolds appears to act in good faith while gushing about "my friend, Hugh Jackman", who follows up with a foul-mouthed insult about his rival, and yes, it seems that Jackman wins this round, scripted (by Reynolds, Jackman and George Dewey) or not. "Ryan and I recently called a truce in our social media war", he said. In the clip, Reynolds says in a voiceover, "Can a cup of coffee be a superhero?"

Reynolds showed his ad first for Jackman's coffee company Laughing Man, which was super uplifting and apparently cost him "a million dollars".

They then run Reynold's ad, which delights with vivid imagery and Reynold's ideal salesman tone, and gets even better when he fits in a few Hugh puns. In a new video where they agreed to bury the hatchet, Reynolds looked like he would come out the bigger man ... that is until Jackman got the last laugh.

Jackman then tells Reynolds he's "not quite ready" to show his ad yet and it still needs editing, but Reynolds says to roll it. He tried to stall, claiming his piece was "almost finished" and still needed some "colour correcting", but Reynolds was adamant and called for the clip to roll.

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Jackman's commercial was far stripped down, showing the star sitting in a lavish room with an Aviation Gin bottle positioned on a table next to him. Although Reynolds also appears in the footage, it is pretty clear that The Greatest Showman star is the one who has decided it is more fun to continue the comic feud.

"I'll have to try it someday", he adds as he pours a full bottle of gin on the table. The logo of Aviation Gin then pops up onscreen.

Ryan is floored as Hugh admitted he didn't think the truce was real, and as his frenemy walked off he added: 'Say hi to Blake for me...and the kids!'

Jackman tweeted about the spot, 'Job well done, ' while Reynolds wrote, 'F for effort'.

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