Published: Wed, February 06, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Facebook Messenger Launches an ‘Unsend’ Feature

Facebook Messenger Launches an ‘Unsend’ Feature

"Have you ever accidentally sent a message to the wrong group of friends, mistyped something, or simply wanted to remove a message in a chat", Facebook said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Now, finally, the feature is rolling out to all iOS and Android Messenger users.

When asked about it, Facebook confirmed Zuckerberg's messages expired over time, mainly for increased security measures after the 2014 Sony Pictures email hacks.

The feature gives you a ten minute window to delete the message. Selecting the latter will then display two further options: "remove for you" and "remove for everyone".

Facebook told iPhone in Canada in a statement, "We will be closely monitoring user feedback and behaviour around this feature and we may explore different timeframes in the future as needed". And it replaces it with a message saying you've since deleted it.

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The move comes after TechCrunch reported that founder Mark Zuckerberg had retracted Facebook messages from recipients - revealing that the feature existed, but was not available to all users. They can see that you removed a message and still report it'.

It's nearly like going back in time to fix a mistake and you don't even need a flux capacitor. Starting today, Facebook Messenger is announcing a feature that will allow you to remove your message both during individual and group chats.

Not mentioned in the birthday address are the myriad controversies that have swirled around Facebook in recent years, from its failure to protect millions of people's private information to its facilitation of misinformation and "fake news" around the world.

Other apps like WhatsApp, Signal and Discord already use end-to-end encrypted messaging.

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