Published: Tue, February 05, 2019
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Gov. Northam Is Finding Himself Increasingly Alone In Once-Supportive Virginia

Gov. Northam Is Finding Himself Increasingly Alone In Once-Supportive Virginia

Northam, standing by his wife Pam, said he believed it was possible some photographs in the yearbook had been switched.

A "concerned citizen" upset by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's recent comments on abortion legislation tipped off a conservative news site about a racist yearbook photo now threatening the governor's career, the site's editor said Monday.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity Monday because the official was not authorized to speak about the matter publicly.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has resisted widespread calls for him to step down over a racist photograph that appeared in his medical school yearbook.

Should Northam resign, Fairfax would be the second black governor - after Douglas Wilder - in the history of Virginia, where his great-great-great grandfather once was a slave.

One member of the embattled governor's team has reportedly threatened to leave and many more are "struggling" with whether they should stay on or not.

During Northam's news conference on Saturday, the Democratic National Committee weighed in, with Tom Perez, the DNC chairman, calling for Northam to resign to allow Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax take over as Virginia's governor.

Earlier on Monday Fairfax released a statement denying a vague online report that a woman suggested he had sexually assaulted her in 2004.

The Associated Press is not reporting the details of the accusation because AP has not been able to corroborate it.

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Late last month, Florida's secretary of state resigned after photos from a 2005 Halloween party showed him in blackface while dressed as a Hurricane Katrina victim. Despite claiming that he had sported blackface on at least one occasion, he then insisted that neither of the people in the yearbook picture was him.

Former Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., a longtime congressman from Northern Virginia, said on "This Week" that he believes Northam should not resign. The US president faced protests as he met the Queen at Windsor Castle, was hosted by Theresa May at Chequers and attended a black tie dinner at Blenheim Palace, in Oxfordshire, before he went to Scotland to play golf.

The photo in the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School shows two people looking at the camera - one in blackface wearing a hat, bow tie and plaid trousers; the other in white Klan robes.

Northam denies being in the yearbook photo even though he had apologized for it Friday and said previously that he was in it.

As calls for Northam to resign have intensified, Virginia lawmakers are already floating their next moves. Del.

The state Constitution says the governor - as well as other elected or appointed officials - can face impeachment in the General Assembly for "malfeasance in office, corruption, neglect of duty, or other high crime or misdemeanor". We hope that's what the governor does.

He said that "regardless of the veracity of the photograph the governor has lost the confidence of the people and can not effectively govern".

The chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus declared that Northam "still does not understand the seriousness of his actions". The Democrat said the meeting was intense, with both Northam and his chief of staff described as "emotional". "He knew this picture was there, and he could've come clean and talked to African-Americans that he's close to decades ago".

He was voted "Most Likely to Succeed and was also 'one of the few white guys on the basketball team", the Class of 77 president, Carla Y Savage-Wells told the Washington Post for a profile on Northam in 2014.

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