Published: Tue, February 05, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Adnan Virk Was Fired Because of Suspected Leak to Awful Announcing

Adnan Virk Was Fired Because of Suspected Leak to Awful Announcing

Virk declined comment, as did a spokesman for ESPN.

ESPN, which on Friday abruptly fired anchor Adnan Virk, accuses the perceived rising star of leaking network plans regarding Major League Baseball coverage, according to The New York Post, which broke the news of his dismissal. It is unclear what motivated Virk, though sources often try to curry favor with reporters.

The specific nature of the information Virk chose to share is not known at this time.

Though nothing has been officially confirmed, it's believed ESPN fired Virk because he revealed confidential details about future baseball programming around Sunday Night Baseball to sports media website Awful Announcing. Virk was described as being uncooperative with ESPN's internal investigation before he was sacked.

Why would he leak confidential information to Awful Announcing?

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"Adnan Virk no longer works at ESPN", ESPN vice president Josh Krulewitz told The Post. Virk also reportedly asked ESPN questions about the direction of baseball at the network, all of which matched what appeared later that day in the Awful Announcing article.

Sources on ESPN's side point out that everyone in the company is required to take compliance training that includes not leaking confidential information, and termination could be a result.

As Virk's online profile highlights, he had become an nearly ubiquitous presence at ESPN, including the network's college football, Major League Baseball, and college basketball coverage.

Adnan Virk, a Canadian-born sports reporter and host, joined ESPN in May 2010 as an anchor for ESPNEWS, the 24-hour all-sports news network. ESPN Audio hosted his movie-focused podcast Cinephile.

The 40-year-old Virk has not tweeted since Thursday.

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