Published: Mon, February 04, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump Says He'll Keep Base in Iraq to 'Watch Iran'

Trump Says He'll Keep Base in Iraq to 'Watch Iran'

"When I look at Iran, I look at Iran as a nation that has caused tremendous problems", he said in the interview.

President Trump says that the "only way" Democrats could possibly win in 2020 is to "bring out the artificial way of impeachment".

"A team needs chemistry".

"They're exhausted. Everybody's exhausted", Mr Trump said. I went to Iraq recently, if you look at Syria, what's happened in Syria in the last few weeks, you would see that things are going down that were not going down.

Saleh said United States forces were in the country legally under an agreement between the two countries, but that "any action taken outside this framework is unacceptable". Bloomberg's Riad Hamade reports on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East".

The US' intelligence services had said that the then Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction that became the basis of American invasion in the middle east nation.

In the CBS interview, he played down the danger of an extremist resurgence but said "we'll come back if we have to". We might as well keep it.

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However, the United States will not give up its bases in Iraq, he said.

Iraq's constitution stipulates that its territory will not be used to commit transgressions against any other nation, deputy parliament speaker Hassan Karim al-Kaabi pointed out, adding that the parliament will work on legislation to kick USA troops out.

"So when my intelligence people tell me how wonderful Iran is - if you don't mind, I'm going to just go by my own counsel".

The US has been leading a coalition to crush the Islamic State group which grabbed swathes of Syria and Iraq in 2014, and multiple offensives have since ousted the jihadists from all but a sliver of territory in eastern Syria.

Kurdish MP Sarkawt Shams tweeted that the mission of U.S. troops in Iraq was "to help Iraqi security forces against terrorism, not "watching" others".

When Brennan mentioned Trump's criticism of President Obama for withdrawing from Iraq and opening the door to the Islamic State invasion, Trump responded his own drawdowns in Syria and Afghanistan are different because "I'm not telegraphing anything", and because Obama's withdrawal jeopardized a strategic asset the United States paid dearly to develop. "There are only Iraqi bases where some U.S. and non-US soldiers are present". "We're going to be watching, and watching closely".

He told CBS he would be open to keeping a small number of troops there as well as intelligence operations to monitor for "nests" of militant activity, according to the interview taped on Friday.

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