Published: Thu, January 31, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

20-year-old man dies after eating 5-day-old pasta

20-year-old man dies after eating 5-day-old pasta

A shocking incident has come to the fore where a student from Brussels, Belgium died after eating leftover pasta.

As per the report, the boy AJ returned from school and warmed the spaghetti in the microwave oven to eat.

"Typically, food poisoning just causes stomach inflammation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, it doesn't typically cause acute liver failure, and even worse, we can't find out which bacteria is causing the problem because culturing it would take days - days A.J. doesn't have because his liver is quickly shutting down", Bernard said.

The student, known only as AJ, 20, fell ill after eating the pasta that was on a worktop for five days after being cooked for the first time.

Bacillus cereus is a bacteria commonly found in soil that produces toxins, causing vomiting and diarrhoea.

AJ died in 2008 and the case was featured in the US Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

After hours of sickness, the student was treated to the symptoms as regular food poisoning, by keeping hydrated and trying to sleep it off.

However, he was found dead in bed by his parents the following morning.

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In the YouTube clip, Dr. Bernard, a man who said he is a licensed provider trained and based in the United States, surmised the pasta shut down A.J.'s liver.

"Although we can not incriminate B cereus as the direct and unique cause of death, the present case illustrates the severity of the emetic and diarrhoeal syndromes and the importance of adequate refrigeration of prepared food", he said.

The National Reference Laboratory for Food-borne Outbreaks confirmed the spaghetti was contaminated with "significant amounts" of the B.cereus, although there was none in the sauce.

"The food poisoning that results from it is usually self-limiting, meaning one can recover from it through intrinsic bodily functions".

Dr Bernard says in the video: "AJ is an otherwise healthy 20-year-old man". Many people eat pasta, or any other form of noodles, that are leftover for a day or two and they're fine. "If the food smells amusing, it's always better to be safe than sorry", he said. But be careful of food left out for more than a few hours.

The pasta was left out on the side for two days before it was put in the fridge.

Another wrote: "I was eating some suspect leftover food while watching another medical video on YouTube, then this video auto-played".

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