Published: Tue, January 29, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

One Case Of Measles Confirmed In Champaign County

One Case Of Measles Confirmed In Champaign County

However, some of the people infected with the virus have visited public places like the Portland International Airport, and Washington Department of Health epidemiologist Dr. Scott Lindquist says the outbreak is expected to move across the state.

This is the first confirmed case of measles in Oregon. No cases related to the Clark County outbreak have been reported in the province, but B.C.'s vaccination rate now sits below the 95 per cent necessary to achieve herd immunity.

A state of emergency was declared in Washington's Clark County and at least one case has also been confirmed in OR, and it's not out of the question that the outbreak could travel north toward the Lower Mainland. For now, public health officials are focused on preventing additional exposure.

"I think that people in British Columbia just need to be reminded that at any given time, there could be measles activity in North America in communities they may be visiting", she says.

One case has been confirmed in King County, where Seattle is located.

"Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease that can be fatal in small children", Washington Governor Jay Inslee said in a statement.

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"It's (the vaccine's) nearly 97 or 98 percent effective if you've taken the two doses", Vaid said. Of those, 400 to 500 people died and 48,000 were hospitalized, according to the CDC.

To date, a single case of measles was reported in BC in 2019 in an adult traveller returning from the Philippines.

After someone is exposed to measles, illness develops in about one to three weeks. For the most recent years of data available, 87.3 per cent of children turning two had received one dose of measles vaccine, and 88.4 per cent of children turning seven had received two doses, based on data in the provincial immunization registry reported by BC health authorities.

Before the measles vaccination program began in the 1963, about 3 to 4 million people in the US got measles every year. Those people stayed home and later got ill, Armstrong said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), measles usually starts with coughing, runny nose, red and watery eyes and high fever. Serious complications such pneumonia and brain infections can arise from the disease in some cases.

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