Published: Sat, January 26, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Skip the fried chicken

Skip the fried chicken

Foods such as fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish were associated with a higher risk of heart-related death, particularly among younger women in the study (aged 50-65 years old).

They found women eating one or more servings of fried food a day had an 8 per cent higher risk of death from all causes as well as heart-related death compared with those who did not eat fried food. The team checked at the women's overall and specific consumption of different fried foods such as fried chicken, fried fish, fried shellfish, and fish sandwich, and other fried foods including tacos, French fries, and tortilla chips.

Similarly, one or more servings of fried fish/shellfish a day was linked to a seven per cent higher risk of death from any cause and a 13 per cent higher risk of heart-related death compared with no fried food.

Regularly eating fried food is linked with a heightened risk of death from any cause and heart-related death, among postmenopausal women, finds a United States study in The BMJ. But, as Bao told the magazine, his study is one of the first to actually look at how fried foods affect deaths over time. These women enrolled in the study between Ys 1993 and 1998, and researchers followed them up to February 2017. However, according to new research, regularly eating fried chicken could increase the risk of an early death. Bao reportedly said this could be because most snack foods are fried more lightly than animal proteins.

"If you fry fish, it may turn a good thing into a harmful thing", Bao said. "Unfortunately, we know very little about long-term health effect of fried food consumption". Previous studies that investigated the health effects of fried food did not see differences in consequences between genders.

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In Spain, fried foods are often made at home using olive oil, the study says.

"This study emphasizes that there is no "maybe" fried food and fat have a direct relation to heart disease", he said. For example, the type of oil used for frying, as some are worse for you than others. They were also more likely to be smokers, exercise less and have a lower quality diet.

The researchers emphasised the study was observational and only considered United States women so it may not be applicable more widely, however they also highlighted the large size and diversity of the sample and said that "we have identified a risk factor for cardiovascular mortality that is readily modifiable by lifestyle". Some research suggests that oil healthier.

There might be "unidentified confounders" about heart-related deaths as well, so firm conclusions can not be drawn about the cause. The women who ate more fried foods tended to be generally less healthy, meaning there are a "host of factors" that could have led to the results, she explained.

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