Published: Wed, January 23, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Eastern sky lunar eclipse 2019

Eastern sky lunar eclipse 2019

Northlanders got a stunning view of a rare astronomical phenomena on Monday night with a blazing super blood moon visible across the region's sky.

A total lunar eclipse and supermoon is seen over ancient Native American petroglyphs on Jan.20, 2019 near Barstow.

"The Sun's red light is scattered much less by air, and is bent by Earth's atmosphere in a process called refraction, travelling all the way through it to light up the Moon's surface".

Totality - when the moon's completely bathed in Earth's shadow - will last an hour.

In addition to the Americas, the entire lunar extravaganza could be observed, weather permitting, all the way across the Atlantic to parts of Europe. The penumbra is the partial outer shadow, and the umbra is the full, dark shadow.

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Although there was some cloud cover Sunday, moon-watchers said they felt fortunate to observe the lunar eclipse.

National Geographic describes the eclipse during the wolf moon and the "super" tag is given because the moon is closer to the Earth than usual. When the full moon moved into Earth's shadow, it darkened, however, didn't disappear. And David Wahl, the Director of Awesome at Seattle's Archie McPhee novelty emporium, suggested that from now on, each night's moon should be given a jazzy name.

The January full moon, which is known as a "wolf moon", shone in sunset colours during a total lunar eclipse.

According to the Associated Press, there will not be another full eclipse until 2021. "This is why we don't have a lunar eclipse every month".

The last total lunar eclipse, which occurred in July, was visible only over parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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