Published: Sun, January 20, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Is this how LG G8 would look like?

Is this how LG G8 would look like?

According to CNET, the next LG device - possibly the LG G8 ThinQ - will come with an optional second screen.

Unfortunately, its not going to be a foldable display phone nor is it a front and back screen smartphone like Vivo's NEX dual display smartphone.

We can expect LG to launch multiple devices at the MWC 2019 and although it is not officially confirmed on which device will be offering the second display, we might see more leaks to come in the upcoming days. However, the tech site states that LG could showcase the device next month at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) expo in Barcelona. It is not now known how the optional second screen will work or whether it will come in the box with the phone or be sold as a separate accessory. Last year, the company introduced G7 with an extra-loud, so-called boom box speaker, which had five cameras.

LG is well-known for their outlandish designs that make sure LG is always in the competition as a contender and not a rat in a rat race. The second screen will be an optional attachment created to expand screen size, however, it is still not clear how the gimmick will work or if it would sold separately or be included in the box.

Yes, another fact to be noted is once you attach the dual optional display the LG G8 will give you a full 7-inch view.

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However, faced with mounting competition from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple and now perhaps even Sony in an ever constricting smartphone market, LG will probably have to do something different to stand out.

The company claims similar rival devices featured a thick connection between the two screens, with LG's device set to appear as though a single screen.

SlashGear and Naver, however, suggest that the new phone will be hinged, as per a recent LG patent. There is no official confirmation on the same yet but the LG G8 ThinQ is expected to be showcased next month.

It's also unknown if this device will fall under the G series branding or something else entirely, but really, we don't think the name matters all that much.

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