Published: Thu, January 17, 2019
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Barron Co. Sheriff Talks 911 Response to Closs Case

Barron Co. Sheriff Talks 911 Response to Closs Case

Jake Thomas Patterson, 21, told detectives that "he knew that was the girl he was going to take", and he made two aborted trips to her family's home before finally carrying out an attack in which he fatally shot Jayme's mother in front of her, according to a criminal complaint filed hours before Patterson's first court appearance.

The grandfather of a 21-year-old Wisconsin man accused of kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs and killing her parents during a home invasion says his grandson was "quiet and shy".

The frightened girl, hurriedly walking with no coat or gloves in the cold amid an enclave of scattered cabins in the Wisconsin woods, looked immediately familiar to Jeanne Nutter.

"I have a feeling kids aren't going to know what to say", she noted, adding: "Kids are kids".

She said he was infatuated with roadkill. For me, it took awhile to want to talk about my story. Still, they said if anyone does receive the reward, it should be Jayme.

Robert Naiberg's granddaughter, 13-year-old Jayme Closs, escaped from a remote cabin in northwest Wisconsin late last week, almost three months after she was abducted from her family's home.

A GoFundMe account exists to help Jayme and her family as the 13-year-old recovers.

"She said, 'He killed my parents".

After Kasinskas and Nutter tell 911 dispatcher Amy Pullen that they have Jayme, the dispatcher asks them if they're sure it's the missing girl. Jayme was safe and Patterson was in custody.

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Even more bizarrely, she claims that during a fight at the cabin, the same cabin he's accused of holding Closs captive for months, that he put on a mask.

Patterson's defense attorneys, Charles Glynn and Richard Jones, have said they might seek a change of venue.

Jim Moyer told ABC News on Tuesday that his grandson, Jake Thomas Patterson, is a "nice boy, polite" who often "backed off from crowds".

"(Barron) is a small community", Jones said.

"I've been threatened, I've had stalkers", she said. He has people to come over and watch her, or no, wait. he pushed you/hides you under a bed, he has hidden her under a bed, ' Nutter could be heart saying.

A woman walking her dog spotted Jayme along a road near Gordon, a town about an hour's drive north of Barron. Patterson was arrested just minutes later, after Jayme gave them his name and a description of his auto.

She said she had to relearn simple things in life like phones and trust.

According to Detective Jeff Nelson with the Barron County Sheriff's Department, Patterson confessed to the crimes of kidnapping and murder. Wright said that Patterson shaved his head and face in an attempt to avoid leaving his DNA at the crime scene and that he disengaged the dome light of his auto so that he would be less visible. Have you seen her photo, ma'am?'

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