Published: Wed, January 16, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

President Trump serves fast food to Clemson in weird White House visit

President Trump serves fast food to Clemson in weird White House visit

President Donald Trump will serve McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and pizza to the national champion Clemson Tigers during the football team's scheduled visit on Monday evening. So, Trump - who said he paid for it himself - made a decision to put on a spread of fast food for the visiting champions, consisting of items from McDonald's, Wendy's, and Dominos.

Trump told the players afterward that he did not want to postpone the event until after the shutdown - which is already the longest in history - ended. "Your pooler asked him which restaurant is his favorite and he said he liked them all".

Of course, Clemson has become somewhat famous for its fast food connection with breakout quarterback Trevor Lawrence being a huge fan of Chick-fil-A. "It's all American stuff".

Pizza? It would all be there, according to the president.

"I think they'd like it better than anything we could give", said Trump, after landing back at the White House following a day trip to New Orleans.

President Donald Trump greeted the Tigers on Monday night with a fast-food spread.

People on social media expressed their disdain that the president would serve the athletes fast food.

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He said: 'I would think that's their favourite food.

However, that is likely to face a serious challenge both because President Trump has shown little interest in, if not antagonism to the Bank, and has upended the traditional alliances that make the agreement possible.

There you have it. Win a national title, bolster your chances of being selected to professionally play a sport proven to wreck brains, and get sweaty buns served on a silver platter for your efforts.

With the shutdown still in full swing, White House staff is at a minimum, and it appears that the food service personnel are also on furlough. "(No), I said, you guys aren't into salads".

He later said that besides eating a lot at the White House, he had grabbed two chicken wraps and a quarter-pounder on the way out.

Clemson beat No. 1 ranked Alabama to take the College Football Playoff National Championship and might have expected that a visit to the White House would command a dinner befitting a champion.

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