Published: Wed, January 16, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Man City boss Guardiola: I want Leeds back in Premier League

Man City boss Guardiola: I want Leeds back in Premier League

Bielsa faced widespread criticism for his actions - not least from Derby boss Frank Lampard - but, at a hastily arranged press briefing on Wednesday, the Argentine conceded it was not an isolated incident.

Bielsa made the statements in relation to the EFL inquiry into the situation between the two clubs, at Leeds' training ground this afternoon.

"The Football Association has also confirmed they are considering the same matter in line with its own rules and the EFL will work with its FA counterparts to ensure that any potential action taken does not prejudice those investigations being undertaken".

"Leeds have watched training sessions of opposition clubs before every game they've played".

My goal is to make the investigation easier.

"I don't want to compare my behaviour with the past". I've heard that there are other behaviours that effect the fair play but I absolutely do not want to defend myself by attacking others.

"Regarding what I have done, what I have done is not illegal. It's not specified, described or restrained".

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"It's about watching from a public space an activity in a private place which affects fair play. I'm not involved in any way, but I like the people I like doing well", said Guardiola. The club are not responsible whatsoever.

Leeds have to focus on bolstering their squad this month in order to sustain their promotion push, not losing players and certainly not those who have such a bright future at the club.

"I did not try to get an unfair sporting advantage".

"The wrong things you do are not done with bad intention or an intention to cheat".

Following the victory over Derby that gave Leeds a four-point cushion at the top of the second division standings, Bielsa admitted sending a member of his coaching staff to watch Derby train.

"I've always admired [him] from afar - his innovative methods - I have got his book at home, but when I find something out like this, if this what he feels it takes, that is not for me". It was so thorough and so detailed that Guardiola said "you know more about Barcelona than me", so impressed was he by Bielsa's level of preparation.

"We can not open the door to this happening every week".

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