Published: Wed, January 16, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Brexit vote today: British Parliament expected to vote against May’s deal

Brexit vote today: British Parliament expected to vote against May’s deal

However, the prime minister does not have enough votes, as the opposition Labour Party and even some Conservative lawmakers have made a decision to oppose her deal.

A handful of Conservative MPs have changed their minds to back the deal, but a junior minister resigned on Monday so he could vote against it - and the core of May's critics say she has not done enough.

We will oppose the toxic backstop and vote against the WA (withdrawal agreement).

Some commentators suggest May could return to Brussels, seeking further assurances on the deal and the future EU-UK relationship and ask parliament to vote again.

The EU presidents stated: 'Were the backstop to enter into force in whole or in part, it is meant to apply only temporarily, unless and until it is superseded by a subsequent agreement'.

All along, it has said there is no need for such a mechanism and managed to get more MPs on its side than the government did.

Tuesday - Day five of debate followed by "meaningful vote" on the PM's deal.

While the DUP is likely to vote against the deal, it will nearly certainly back the prime minister if a no confidence motion is brought against her in Parliament. The agreement, which envisages close economic ties with the European Union, has united the opposing sides of the debate - pro-EU lawmakers who see it as the worst of all worlds and Brexit supporters who say it will make Britain a vassal state.

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Speculation is rising that Britain will have to ask Brussels to pause the "Article 50" process that will see it leave Europe on March 29 with or without a deal.Officials say European Union leaders, who signed the withdrawal agreement with May in late November, may agree to extend the deadline to avoid a disruptive breakdown in ties.

"By voting down this deal it sends a clear signal that the Labour Party does not care about the consequences to the Good Friday Agreement".

The Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce said MPs most now "move beyond tactical manoeuvring".

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said May had "completely and utterly failed" to ease MPs' concerns and said if she loses the vote on Tuesday night, she must call an election.

If the government lost a no-confidence vote, it would have 14 days to overturn the result by winning lawmakers' confidence in a new vote - possibly with a new prime minster, if May was persuaded to quit. MPs will also get to vote on amendments that could reshape the deal.

It's unclear whether a majority of legislators would support a new referendum, or what the question would be.

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The letter ended by stating their intention to sign Theresa May's exit deal if it is supported in Parliament.

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