Published: Mon, January 14, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Wisconsin Bus Driver Rescues Little Boy Running Down Sidewalk Alone

Wisconsin Bus Driver Rescues Little Boy Running Down Sidewalk Alone

A Milwaukee County bus driver is being called a hero, after she rescued a toddler found wandering alone in the cold last month, barefoot and dressed in only a onesie and a diaper. Surveillance video from the bus shows Ivic's view of the boy as he ran over a freeway overpass.

A female bus driver in the US stopped her daily routine to pick up a passing 19-month-old toddler allegedly left outside in the cold all alone by her mother, camera footage revealed on Thursday. When she returned to the bus, Ivic told the passengers "I'm shaking" as she held the little girl. After seeing the little boy walking down the sidewalk, Irena instantly sprung to his rescue while driving on her route on December 22.

Ivic says she's just grateful that she was able to help.

She carried him to safety, bringing him to her bus.

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Another passenger handed over her coat to help bundle up the infant - and before long, he fell asleep in Ivic's arms, who is shown lightly kissing him on the head. The boy was chilled after spending time outside in the freezing temperatures. The girl was reunited with her father.

According to the cops, the child was left outside by his mother who is suffering from some mental health issues.

"I absolutely love kids".

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