Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Amazon Reportedly Working on New Video Game Streaming Service

Amazon Reportedly Working on New Video Game Streaming Service

Amazon is already a major video game retailer - recently announcing that gaming is one of the major areas of growth in their sales - and it owns the largest game live-streaming service in the world: Twitch.

Of course, Amazon hasn't confirmed that it's working on such a service, so the pair of folks running their mouths might be barking up the wrong tree.

Amazon is reportedly developing its own game streaming service. The Information believes that the service could launch sometime next year, and if that's true, we may hear more about it soon.

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While Amazon has yet to say anything official on the matter, The Verge has noticed a number of postings that corroborate the rumor - including a position for a Cross Platform Game Engineer and two listings that specifically mention cloud games - but we'll have to wait to hear from Amazon before anything's official. Its Fire TV box has a gaming edition that comes with a controller, and the set-top box plays specific games via the Amazon digital store. Do you even game, bro?

Gaming is not unprecedented on Amazon devices, either. That project would build on previous efforts to support game developers. Far from the basic smartphone apps you can play on the Fire TV, Breakaway was meant to be a real-deal PC game that would attract the esports crowd. Microsoft and Google are likewise interested in this, and what Amazon also wants to develop is a version of what Sony also has via PlayStation Now - a way to stream games instead of customers having to fork over the money to buy and download them. Speaking of AWS, as of April 2018 it had a 33 percent share of the cloud infrastructure market, according to Synergy Research Group. Microsoft is now "mostly a cloud business", Perlman said. Google is busy beta testing its own Project stream, letting players beam games to a browser in real-time over the internet. Its cloud infrastructure is probably its biggest asset, but it also has more money than god and a CEO with a sociopathic drive to crush competition.

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